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Where can you search Java developers ?
When I worked on the order to recruiting the Java developers to work with the relocation to Europe, I used to search for different resources.
You can see here some the Java forums, groups, Java Specialists Club, Java User Groups (JUGs), сommunity, free job board  and place to post job, other information about Java.
Maybe this information will be you an interesting and help in find experienced specialists.

Java forum
- forum from Sun Microsystems
- is an active online community driven website which serves as an instrument for technical and business professionals who want to gain value through java and its related technologies.
- Java Programming Forums
- Forum about Java
- Java (desenvolvimento web, linguagem, persistencia, frameworks, etc) Brazil
- These forums are intended to address technology-related issues. For information on specific IBM products, see the product forums, available in the appropriate product areas of developerWorks.
- русскоязычный форум с подфорумом Java
- Java Programming Forum
- java forum (German)
- Java forum on CodeGuru
- JavaRanch. Java Forums at The Big Moose Saloon.  A friendly place for Java greenhorns!

Java User Group
- Java Specialists Club  

- Java User Groups (JUGs) Jugs List (Alphabetical)
- Java groups at Meetup (US) 
- Java user groups world list. All countries..  

Free job board  and place to post job for Java offer or vacancies
- Job Listings at forum. This is the place to post job listings and information.
- Free job board for Open Source and IT. Companies, developers, designers, freelancers and open source projects can post job offers, projects and CVs at no charge.
- Job Board truly made for Java and C Professionals. JavaCPass aims to be one stop destination for Jobs related to Java and C.
- русскоязычный форум с подфорумом Java и Работа / Вакансии
- Java Programming Forum. Jobs Offered. Job postings and recruitment messages.
add Job post on Planet Source Code
- Java Leaders,31.0.html
- Job post on Java forum in Germany
- Dream.In.Code Job Board (US)
- Jobs Offered on JavaRanch 

- Форум программистов Предложения поработать
- JUG Ukraine Forums; Java; Требуются программисты, дорого
- Vingrad Форум; Работа в офисе; Объявления о найме специалистов
- Java форум JavaTalks Работа для Java программистов

Profiles, Cv's java developer, members of the java groups
- On oDesk, the marketplace for online workteams, companies hire J2EE developers to successfully complete jobs including back end development, project management and web applications.
- On oDesk, the marketplace for online workteams, companies hire Javascript developers
- Java groups by members at KnowledgeBlackBelt!GroupList/MEMBERS
- All People on
- Java People on Github
- linkedin \ SUN Certified java professionals
- linkedin \ J Architect
- linkedin \ Java Developers
- linkedin \ Java EE Professionals
- linkedin \ Java/JEE Enthusiasts
- linkedin \ Javascript
- Мой Круг — сеть профессиональных контактов
- Graduates of Java Programming (with Passion!) Course and have a personal certificate recognition from Sang Shin
- Java developers on DOU (Ukraine)
- java for developers at Facebook
- java \ Facebook
- java \ Facebook
- javascript \ Facebook
- Java Users at Stack Overflow is a programming Q & A site that’s free.

All about Java
-Technical Articles, New to Java, Java Certification & Training,  Java Magazine, Java Champions, Forums, Events
- The Network is the network for software development professionals.
- JavaWorld: Solutions for Java developers. JavaWorld is the original independent resource for Java developers, architects, and managers.
- Open Source Software in Java
- Java at DZone
- This site holds all the examples from The Java Developers Almanac and more.

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