Outsourcing  IT Recruitment Service

Many organizations have started outsourcing its recruitment process i.e. transferring all or some part of its recruitment process to an external consultant providing the recruitment services. More and more medium and large sized organizations are outsourcing their recruitment process right from the entry level jobs to the C-level jobs.

Outsourcing IT Recruitment Service refers to the process in which an organisation uses the expert services of a third party ( professional consultants) to take care of its recruitment functions while HR management can focus on the strategic dimension of their function. The functions that are typically outsourced are the functions that need expertise, relevant experience, knowledge and best methods and practices. 

Outsourcing organizations strive for providing cost saving benefits to their clients. One of the major advantages to organizations, who outsource their recruitment process, is that it helps to save up to as much as 40 per cent of their recruitment costs. With the experience, expertise and the economies of scale of the third party, organizations are able to improve the quality of the recruits and the speed of the whole process. Also, outsourcing enables the human resource professionals of organizations to focus on the core and other HR and strategic issues. Outsourcing also gives a structured approach to the whole process of recruitment, with the ultimate power of decision making of recruiting with the organisation itself. The portion of the recruitment cycle that is outsourced range from preparing job descriptions to arranging interviews, the activities that consume almost 70 per cent of the time of the whole recruitment process.
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As a result of the performed review the following recommendations suggest themselves for the leading agencies and professional associations on development of recruiting business: 
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